I was sent these cards to review with my honest opinion. The first thing I noticed was that they are just the right size to pop in your pocket, purse, or bag so that you can keep it with you all day to just have a look at to remind yourself of the positive affirmation of the day.  The size is 57mm by 88ml, made of stiff shiny cards that you could wipe over if something got spilled on them.

The many varied themes are written nice and clear with a good font which is easy to read. Picking one each day to help with your positivity is an excellent way to keep you positive all day. Mindfulness helps you connect these positive aspects to your life to make your dreams a reality.

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive if you are a half-empty type of person, which I am I have to admit, so this is the first step on your positivity road. I am not saying it’s easy but to find one positive in your day is such a good start, all these cards will help you see other ways in which to be positive. You will gradually build up your strength and in time see the positive in things easier and earlier.

You could even pick your card at night so you go to sleep with the positive affirmation in your head so it helps to wake up with a positive feeling to start your day.

I think these cards are really useful and could be used in many varied ways.

You can even get a child’s set which I can see being very useful to keep them on track at the start of each school day. Could be picked by the parent or even the teacher as a whole class activity.

You can get them from mål here.


Have a positive day


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