Walking down The Old High Street in Folkestone you come across probably the smallest shop, which may be small but it is full of big, mighty expressions of art! I love the quote below from Joanna Phore who not only gives you questions to answer about ART but is also the sponsor and creator of this exhibition.

Open until the 6th of July,  please drop in and say hi and give your opinions on the art……Jo loves a good chat.


What is art? Who defines it. The creator, the consumer? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder. Does it have to provoke? A feeling? Politically? What if the response it provokes is ‘I hate that’. If you like it does that make it art…yes, no, maybe?

What defines an artist? Do you need to be tortured? Is fine art borne of noble birth or must one suffer for their art?

If madness and genius really are two sides of the same coin is an atypical mind enough to make you an artist?

So do YOU see art? A gallery? An exhibition?

Or just a shop? Is art just a cultural industry manufacturing nothing into money? What role does money play in defining the art or the artist?

Is Damien Hirst a better artist than anyone you’ve seen today? Is there any meaning in the words ‘better artist’…



Joanna Phaure, local artist

Joanna’s atypical mind is drawn to bright things, and her work often features bold colours and nature. She’s inspired by the juxtaposition between beauty, and ugly and the ever-changing nature of seaside towns, like Folkestone. Her work is both bold and bright, but with emotional sensitivity.

Beth Williams Brazier, local artist

Beth has been studying and creating political protest art and has been invited to participate to provoke interesting artistic and political conversations in our space.

Leftie Snowflake

‘In my experience “Leftie Snowflake” is an insult used to describe those on the left who are offended by things the right disagrees with. I’ve decided to wear my snowflakes with pride. Being offended about injustice strikes me as a badge of compassion that I’m proud of!’

Pockets of Sedition

This work was inspired by the poem Dangerous Coats by Sharon Owens and answers the call to ‘make dangerous coats, full of pockets and sedition’. As a literal interpretation, I have taken pockets salvaged from old pairs of jeans and attached them to this pre-loved Betty Jackson coat.

Anthony Perks, Whitstable based outsider artist

A lifelong passion for creating bold, predominantly abstract pieces which resonate with energy and capture the viewer’s attention. Strange things emerge, sometimes slowly, from his compulsion to create.

Toni Carew, Wales-based emerging artist

Toni’s work is delicate and personal. She mainly works in pen and pencil in a highly expressive, often single-line style. Works predominantly in monochrome. ART

All work is for sale, exhibition open from 11am to 4pm

You can contact Jo at



What do you think?

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