Summer will be here soon, long days at the beach or in the park, barbeques, and cocktails, catching up with friends and family, it’s been so long so we are all looking forward to a happy time.

But you’re single!

Wouldn’t it be great to do all the things you are thinking about but with a partner, just sitting in the garden having lunch is so much better if you have someone there to chat to. Or walking home after a brilliant day out is so much better when you have someone to walk with you.

Now is the time to do something about it, join up to the Cumbria Dating Site, get your details in there with a nice photo and you are ready to go! Remember to please stay safe and do not give any personal details away, that includes your date of birth, and tell your best friend where you are going if you decide to meet someone.

Virtual dating, what can you do?

Video games – You can play all sorts of games online so find one you both like and away you go.

Quiz – Fancy doing a quiz to see who knows more? Can be fun also you can each include a friend so you all get to know each other before you meet up.

Travel – Both want to travel the world then share your dreams about the countries you would like to visit plus are you a sunbather or an explorer and if so what places will you want to visit.

Gardening – Are you both keen gardeners, pop into a garden centre and pick what flowers and shrubs you both like. How about planning your first garden, what do you each require in your all-time best garden?

Cards – Do you like playing cards? Have a game online, look for new games for you both to try together.

Dinner – Look up restaurants and their menus decide where you would both like to go and then order for each other! How well do you know them? Did you get anything right?

Cooking – Do you both like to cook? Do an online virtual cooking class together.

Singing – Both like singing, then karaoke together.

Writing – How about writing a letter to each other?

Plan – Try to work out what the other persons ideal day out would be, plan it and then share it.

Never have I ever – This always brings up great conversations about all sorts!

Dinner – If you were planning a dinner party, which famous person would you each invite? What would the menu be?

Books – Take a virtual tour around a book shop, what books would you each buy, can you guess?

Clairvoyant – Have a zoom together and see what the future holds for you both.

Films – What are your favorite films, take it in turn to watch each others.

Songs – What are your favorite songs, could you make a playlist for each other?

Keep fit – Do your exercises together, try what the other person does then make up a routine that you can do together when you meet up.

Have you found your date? Cumbria Dating has a great site for the mature person, click the link and it will take you straight there.

Happy dating guys


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