I was asked to review these by the company EARTH BREEZE, I received a packet of the fresh scent in the post. I have to say I had not heard about this company or these washing sheets so I was intrigued to know more as let’s face it there is so much wasted plastic in washing tablets and softeners.

As I opened the packet I was really surprised to just see about 20 sheets of wettish paper……Is this really going to get dirty washing clean, I thought to myself. I did really hope so as the thought of not lugging all the washing tablets and comfort home was an appealing thought.

When you use these sheets you put one in the draw of your washing machine, I’m not sure if you can put it in with your washing or if it makes any difference as if you have a top loader you put it on top of your washing. I will try putting it in with the washing on the top next time I use them.





The sheets dissolve completely which is better than some tablets or gels that end up stuck on your clothes as the water is not hot enough to dissolve them. I saw that the draw had nothing left in it except some bubbles, this is going well I thought to myself. I had the FRESH SCENT sheets but you can get a fragrance free one as well which is all eco-friendly, what is not to like?


I am halfway there to being convinced that this is the way forward, I am just waiting for the washing to finish and then the real test….The smell of the washing.

I am officially converted, my washing smelt good, was clean, no residue left on my clothes. What an amazing piece of paper plus being the best thing for our environment. This company also cares deeply for the future of the planet and not only plant trees but provide meals for organisations and donate their eco sheets. The more I read about this company the more I like them, I mean what is there not to like? Plastic-free packaging and animal friendly then when you buy a package they donate 10 loads of detergent, BUY ONE, GIVE TEN.

Another bonus is they fit through your letterbox so no waiting in for a parcel, plus it is free shipping.  When you are finished with the packet you can even bury it in the garden as compost. I could go on about how good these washing sheets are but you need to try them for yourself, here is the link. EARTH BREEZE, laundry detergent.

Reducing plastic waste is something we all need to do. Let’s reduce the 700 million plastic laundry jugs that end up in our landfills and oceans every year.

Together we can do this!

Buy your washing sheets here.






Happy washing


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