They say change is good even if it comes at a time when we don’t want to embrace it. I guess it depends on the circumstances and whatever changes in your life. It stops us from stagnating, opening our eyes to new possibilities or sending us down a different path. I have made some changes plus changes have been made for me, which are hard to accept, especially if you were not expecting them.

My health has not been good the last year so it slows you down without you even realising it. I had to have a minor op for my heart then an MRI showed that my spine had deteriorated massively which means it will only get worse, so another thing to be prepared for in the future.

Then just before Christmas my Mum passed away which was unexpected and a massive shock. I found sorting her house out one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, thankfully I had help from my two eldest granddaughters, my son-in-law and wonderful friends. The house sorting was made harder for me as Mum still had many of the things that had come from my nan and grandad’s house which was where I lived from 4 to 12 years old. I wanted to keep it all but I knew it was impossible as my flat is so small, I ended up giving a lot of my things to charity and keeping the things from my memories. In a way that was easier as I have them all around me now.

I would like to do more writing as I have two generations of diaries to use as a starting point, which I did not realise were still around. I wish I had not thrown all mine away now as it is therapeutic to read through them occasionally. So, to enable me to have more time I have passed the reins of the writing group over to two couples from the group who have the energy and enthusiasm to keep it going and a much better idea than just one person trying to do it all. I thought I would be sad about that but I feel so much lighter and excited for the group to be going in a different direction and I can always attend if I would like to.

The worst thing about getting older is that people that have always been there are now passing which is so sad. I have an uncle who lives in Spain, this is Dad’s brother who is also very poorly and the shock of losing Mum so quickly has pushed me into going to see him in a couple of weeks. My two granddaughters are coming with me as I think we are all in need of relaxation and a bit of sunshine, hopefully.

I have made some changes to my website for this next chapter of my life and hope to get back into reviewing and writing about my travels and life. So, yes maybe some changes are good but the ones we have no control over can be devastating.

The next phase of begins now and I would love to have you tagging along, what plans have you got for this year?


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