This is a story about uncovering the things that really matter, and discovering what makes us feel alive. It is a story about finding that inner strength and resilience and never giving up hope.

Eight years ago, Kathleen Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer. Further complications led to a protracted recovery and months spent in hospital, where Kathleen had to learn how to walk again. While recuperating, she came across a small whitewashed cottage for sale in Wigtown, Scotland. Driving hundreds of miles on nothing more than a few photographs and an inkling, she bought it that very same day and named it Devorgilla after the formidable 13th-century Scottish princess.

Devorgilla Days is the story of how Kathleen left behind her old life to begin again in Scotland’s book capital. From renovating her cottage to exploring the seemingly quiet, but actually bustling town, she encounters a whole community of book lovers, beekeepers, artists and writers – and Lobster Fishermen. Kathleen starts wild swimming, a ritual that brings peace and clarity to her mind as her body heals.

And, with the support of her virtual worldwide community who know her as PoshPedlar on Instagram, she rebuilds her life again.

You may also know her as @poshpedlar on Instagram.

KATHLEEN HART was educated at a convent school in Cheshire before experimenting with various occupations from air hostess to an antique dealer, but her favourite occupation so far is an author. My best writing is done in an ancient whitewashed cottage in Scotland where she keeps bees swims in the sea and every day encourages thousands of her PoshPedlar Instagram followers to ‘make room for the magic’.

My book ‘Devorgilla Days’ is a memoir of recovery, resilience, and starting over. I share with you my life and adventures in this beautiful landscape. It’s about hope and healing, I moved to Scotland to get better, and with the help of my wonderful local community, the support of a fantastic virtual community on Instagram, that’s what I did. It’s never too late to start over.

What I thought

This is an absolutely wonderful book that is written with hope, experience, courage, faith and love, it made me wish I was this brave. Devorgilla Days is a must-read story aimed at anyone as I am sure you will connect with a tiny part of it somewhere in this brave story. Written as a memoir with great feeling this will almost take you to where Kathleen is writing and living her new life. This will give you the hope to carry on as if Kathleen can then you can too.


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