PSYCHOPYTHON is the fact-based, graphic story of Delia Grey. It is related in two parts; beginning with Part 1, “Dark Odyssey.” Cunningly manipulated into an ill-advised second marriage, widowed Delia Grey, finds herself unwittingly catapulted into a horrific life of physical, mental and sexual abuse, terrible beyond anything she could ever have imagined. Her new husband is a cold-blooded, calculating, Jekyll and Hyde character; a psychopython, motivated by emotionless cruelty and greed, and with the determination to force Delia into relinquishing the vast fortune he imagines she owns. He has devised a ruthless plan to destroy her, which he begins putting into effect on their wedding day. He has every intention of coercing and crushing her, in mind and body, in order to take possession of everything she has. From the beginning of the marriage, Delia is thrust into a nightmare existence, as she is relentlessly driven, by day and night, towards capitulation and suicide. Delia is an intelligent, and resourceful, professional woman, who is suddenly isolated in a vicious situation from which she can find no way of escape. She quickly realises she is fighting for her own, and her children’s survival, against a remorseless psychopath who is determined to destroy her. Can Delia survive the malevolent games being played with her mind and her life? Is there any way for her to escape the destructive evil which has permeated every aspect of her existence?

This is written from the depths of Delia’s heart, a truly moving account of a life almost destroyed by abuse. You will understand how bad torture, abuse, and words can affect even the most strongest person. This is a story of extremes that will give you an understanding of how horrible and cruel a person can be to their partner.

A moving testimony of life and marriage to the wrong person and how sick and ill a person can be who tries to destroy you. There are many triggers in this story so please be aware but I think there are some people that will read it and think ‘thank god I’m not alone’ someone else is also going through this, they have survived so I can too. It will make others cry and wonder how someone could do this to another person, who they claim to love!

Part two is being written so as soon as I read it I will review it as I am sure there are many people wanting to know what this brave lady did and if she managed to escape. Brilliantly written and recommended.

PSYCHOPYTHON, Part 2, “Nemesis”, is the concluding sequel to Delia’s story.

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