After the Wakefields discover their dead father squandered all the family money and re-mortgaged the family home while he worked abroad. Xania looks after all the family members in her house on the Marsh. She is terribly burnt after trying to save her brother from fire and all looks grim until Great Aunt Cecily dies leaving them all multi-millionaires. The whole family moves into their ancestral home in the champagne province of Champagnette, nr Champagne, Northern France. But Xania has a difficult time settling. She misses Little Bringham very much. There are family issues, and tensions and a long-lost half-sister makes her decide it’s time to return home to Little Bringham, where the birds sing all day, and nature is at its best in the village where time forgot. She leaves her stately home, her life of splendour to return home. To a life, she is used to which is priceless. To hear the cuckoos in the morning, to see the swans gliding up and down the stream not far from her home. Where houses never go up for sale because no one ever wants to move. Contentment. The Wakefield Family experience a rollercoaster of events and situations making it a compelling read. It has its humorous, serious and emotional moments. Their journey through life.

Lynzy was born in Crayford Kent and spent her early years in Bexleyheath. As a young girl, she used to come to Dymchurch in Kent on the South-East coast for her holidays. studied art and design for many years, learning painting, drawing, and design techniques. A serious illness prevented her from finishing her BA degree in art. When she started writing she felt she had ‘unfinished work’ to complete and has never looked back. Lynzy produces all of her own illustrations which support her stories. Lynzy says “I live with two families. My own personal one, which is my husband and dogs. The other family is the Wakefield’s with all their family and friends.”

I really like reading about places that I know, it makes me enjoy the story even more as I can picture the places in my mind. I also love the who’s who at the front of this book so you can see who is who. This is the first in a series that you can pick up and get right back into. The ups and downs of family life in Little Bringham or should I say Burmarsh!

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