Desperation leads to dangerous choices.

Kendrick felt that he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend, Emma.

Then he got a job offer that promised to solve all his problems.

He accepts, diving into a dark double life that he must keep a secret even from her.

He knew that working for this new company meant breaking a few rules.

But when he finds proof that the organization is taking a much darker path, painful memories from his childhood emerge.

Kendrick has reached his limits; he knows the consequences are too horrendous to overlook.

He understands that quitting now is not an option, running away is nearly impossible, and going against the organization is a death sentence.

But he needs to make a decision and act quickly, as his life and the lives of others depend on it.

Penelope McGrath is a Psychological and Crime Thriller author. Her passions involve reading and learning about psychology, sociology, and true crime. She loves a good thriller that keeps her up at night or helps to relax between my children’s naps. She lives in Florida and Puerto Rico with her husband and two children. Her sole purpose is to deliver completely addicting thriller books with a twist (or a few).

I read this in a day on and off as I could not put it down, it really gets you guessing, what on earth is he involved in, her husband that she found dead in the bath. She realises that starting to ask questions is dangerous, should she carry on, she has to know what happened to the love of her life.

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