The first thing you notice about the Supra C500 KeySafe when it arrives is the weight of it, I could not hold it in one hand, it actually weighs 1,710g, nothing lightweigh about this key safe. Made from zinc alloy this is as tough as you can get but still looks compact when fixed to the wall.

The fixtures to the wall are long so once fitted tightly to the surface there is no way they will come out or be forced out but must be fitted into brick or concrete. The guarantee is five years for manufacturing faults and once fitted to the instructions you can see why this is the police preferred key safe to use, it’s also recognised by insurance companies.


The cover that protects the number pad fits tightly so no water can penetrate which makes it water-resistant and rustproof, not having to replace this after a few years, will be good for years to come. The cover also gives you a degree of privacy when you are using it. The hinges are covered so they can’t be broken with the casing made from a zinc alloy that can withstand an attack. I can honestly say there is nothing flimsy about the Supra C500 KeySafe at all. Extremely well made, solid and tough. I would compare the safety to having a deadlock on your front door.

I also found that the size of the numbers and the catch to open it were big enough for disjointed fingers, plus bad eyes to see the numbers. You can change the combination as often as you like and there are about 4,000 combinations you could use. The Supra C500 KeySafe is also large enough to hold the bigger keys and yale keys with a hook inside to attach them to, it could hold up to six yale keys so that gives you an idea of the size, I also liked that the bigger keys can fit in like the Chubb ones.

The Supra C500 KeySafe has been put through many tests so has the highest security rating plus has the police accreditation for being the best. You must fit it to the instructions for it to be covered, I will certainly feel safe putting my keys in this so my family can get in. I often worry about being taken ill during the night and wondering what would happen but now I can sleep easy knowing I am all locked in but my family can get to my keys and let themselves in if they need to. The manufacturer states that the latest model is officially UK’s most secure mechanical key safe, as independently certifies by Secure by Design, UK Police initiative, and Loss Prevention Certification Board.

The instructions are some of the clearest I have seen so even for us older generation we can set our numbers and get it all working correctly. If you are looking to invest in a key safe then I would highly recommend this one. I was gifted this by the company for an unbiased, truthful review of their product. This is the sturdiest key safe I have seen on the market and I can fully understand why it is the preferred one recommended by the police.

Stay safe please


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