Can Lauren get to the truth without risking her own ‘accident?’

Lauren’s world revolves around her family, her wedding plans, and her blossoming career as a journalist.

One story is of particular interest to her. The death toll in the River Alder has entered double figures and is steadily rising. The coincidences amongst the women falling to their deaths are too blatant to disregard.

However, they are being disregarded. And her sergeant fiancé, Mark, is part of the investigative team. He is torn between Lauren’s crusade and keeping himself out of the firing line with his superiors.

Until something happens which makes him wish he’d listened to Lauren sooner…

What I thought – I really loved these two main characters, such interesting people with good jobs but you could relate to them and their families. You get into this story very quickly and it becomes unputdownable, I was awake half the night reading this. I was so shocked by her death, in fact, there are a few things that shock you as the story goes on. This really is the best book I have read for a while – BUT then I got to the end and realised it is a trilogy! So I now have to wait and get the other two books but it has pulled you in so far that you have to get them to read…..The cliffhangers it leaves you with are fantastic in many ways as there is no finish about any character. That is extremely good writing by this author and highly recommended with a good ten stars.

Maria Frankland – A born ‘n’ bred Yorkshire lass, hurtling towards the ripe old age of 50, with two grown-up sons and a Sproodle called Molly. (Springer/Poodle!) My 40’s have been the best: I’ve done an MA in Creative Writing, made writing my full-time job, and found the happy-ever-after that doesn’t exist in my writing – after marrying for the second time just before the pandemic.

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