I was lucky enough to win this box of tea on social media so felt it was only fair to give them a review plus some promotion. You may remember I reviewed their coffee box last year so I was so pleased to give the tea a go. I probably drink more tea now as I am not allowed caffeine and it seems pointless to me to have de-caff coffee. The de-caff tea does not taste any different as my daughter found out last year when I took some round to hers to leave there for myself, when I went back they had all gone, the whole family had been drinking them and no one noticed!

To get back to the tea, my first thought was what a good assortment. The coffee and amaretto sounded lovely, but in a tea? I wasn’t sure about that so it had to be the first one in the cup, I was pleasantly surprised. The flavours were strong but it all tasted so delicious so I was sure this would be my favourite. I do often have green tea so this one was ok, stronger than some but I didn’t mind that. The last one was the black tea, poor old Mr Darcy he was not liked very much at all, I will give that to my daughter lol.

All packaged up really nicely again and thin enough to fit in your letter box. In the present situation of lockdown and shopping online I think these coffee and tea boxes are a brilliant idea. I am certainly drinking more tea at the moment the only problem is all the biscuits you have with the tea. I even bought the plain digestives but they taste nice dipped in the tea!

What biscuits do you have to dip in tea?



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