It’s that time of the year again so thought I would give you some ideas about how to get ready as some things need to be bought or organised before the night. I have not watched the film Hocus Pocus and the 2nd one has just been released so that is on my to-do list or I might just watch them both at Halloween. If you are stuck for ideas then have a look on Pinterest, so many great things on that platform that gets better every time I look at it. Go to the library and grab some ghostly books and of course, you need a day to go pumpkin collecting with the family. If you are dressing up then think about the simple things you can make, like a white sheet for the ghost, you can add many things to this to make it individual. Find some scary music online and make some witchy cakes.


I love this idea, pin the spider on the web. You can use a chalkboard, paper or a magnetic board to draw the web then either make the spiders with egg boxes and pipe cleaners or just buy cheap ones from Poundland. The I spy sheet can be printed out to give to the kids if you are having a party, they can either find the items on the sheet or also find them around the house, that should keep them busy for a while.

I have loads of rosemary in the garden so I’m going to make a wreath, then for Halloween cut out some pictures to decorate it, the ones on the sheet above should work well. Then get some battery lights of pumpkins to put around it. Afterwards, I can change it to a Christmas theme by adding tinsel, balls and fairy lights. All the time having the protection of rosemary on the front door.

Happy holidays


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