The writing group that I run here in Folkestone is doing so well, we have such a great group of people that all share their knowledge. We have a group meeting once a month on a Thursday evening where we have a chat about any book news that I have, we then discuss the exercise that we have completed which involves some sharing their work, or asking questions. I like to keep it very informal so as not to put people off from sharing. If any members want to ask questions or share some of their writing then that can be done as well. I will also put any of their work on the website if they would like me to.

We also have an event once a month, this could be an author, illustrator, scriptwriter, photographer, in fact, anyone that has something to do with the making of a book. They can come to give a talk for anything up to an hour and then we have a big Q&A session that always goes down very well. If you would like to come and give a talk then contact Karen at I am particularly looking for authors of gardening and cookery books.

Our first event in the New Year on the 27th January will be two local authors who were police detectives that gave it all up to write books!

Charlie Gallagher                                                     Lisa Cutts.


Next year I would like to have a separate day and an evening where people can get together to write, so they have the company of other people but also others to learn from and answer any queries they may have. I would like to be able to zoom some events so that people can still interact with us even if they are at home and unable to come out. I have set an exercise for over the Christmas and New Year holidays so if you are at a loose end then give this a try. You can find it on the Write By The Sea website here.


We always welcome new members so have a look at our website and pop along in the new year, our first meeting is on the 13th January 2022.

See you there.


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