We hear a lot about this in magazines, online, and even podcasts, so it makes you think about what you can do to make yourself feel better. My first thought was to have a holiday or have enough money so you could go private and see a doctor as it’s so hard now just to get an appointment.

Then you see something like the above article that makes you realise very simple things can make you feel good, also not costing anything. I think my favourite one which I do at times is to buy myself some flowers, just a cheap bunch but it makes me feel good looking at them each time you walk in a room and smell them around your home.

We are all different, decorating, hiking or cleaning would not make me feel good so they wouldn’t be on my self-care list. Lighting a candle or sitting in the garden in the sunshine are also good ones I feel, plus a lot of them don’t cost anything. It’s changing your mindset into thinking that you are doing these things for yourself, maybe to be on your own or relax or just to have some ‘me’ time doing whatever you want to do. Try making your list, then ticking off every time you make the time to do one of your self-care actions, it also makes you realise how often you do something for yourself and enjoy that time.

What would your self-care action be?


What do you think?

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