Three estranged sisters.
Two months to save their family’s inn.
One secret that changes everything.

Warren Townsend’s death brings his three estranged daughters together on Martha’s Vineyard for the first time in years.

After the funeral, the Townsend women are all desperate to return to their own individual pursuits. But just when they’re ready to leave the island for good, the last line of Warren’s will binds them together forever.

They have two months to save their father’s legacy, the Wayfarer Inn…

Before it gets sold to the highest bidder.

The sister who never left home, the sister who thought she had it all, and the sister they’ve never even met are brought together in this heartwarming, sweet women’s fiction novel from author Grace Palmer

Grace Palmer is the bestselling author of small-town women’s fiction and romance, including her beloved Sweet Island Inn series, set on the gorgeous island of Nantucket.

Her novels paint heart-wrenching portraits of love and loss against an emotional backdrop of family, friendship, motherhood, and marriage.

She believes in the power of home, the restorative magic of good wine and strong coffee, and the firm conviction that the night is always darkest just before the dawn.

After escaping from the Northeastern winters, she now resides in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband. Her hobbies include cooking, knitting, and doing her best to keep her cats from bullying her golden retriever.

Follow her on Amazon and at

A secret sister that no one knew about! This grabs your interest from the start, then filling in with so many drawbacks makes you wonder if things will ever turn out right for these sisters to become a new family. Lots going on plus you get eager to see where this is all going to end. Will they save the Inn? I really liked this book.

Available on Amazon here.


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