I have sent for the pack of products to try and some of the free trials, I keep seeing these advertised so thought I would give them a try and then let you know what I think about them all. They have a good selection including, laundry capsules bio & normal, dishwasher tablets, fabric conditioner, multi-purpose spray, washing up liquid, and stain jel. Plus you get the spray bottles, there are also tins for the capsules and tablets you can buy from the company.

Hi, I’m using a brilliant eco-friendly, award-winning company called Smol for my cleaning products and I think you’ll really love them.

  • An online account gives you complete control of deliveries and cancellation
  • Plastic-free, recyclable & compostable laundry and dishwasher packs
  • Cruelty-free, carbon-cutting, chemical-reducing cleaning at a great price
Check it out:
Washing-up liquid
I found that the bubbles did not last very long plus I used an awful lot during each bowl of dishes. I will go back to my 60p one from Tesco.
Dishwasher tablets
I thought these were good and would get them again to use. The dishes came out clean and shiny.
Washing tablets
I found these very good, they did remove all stains and I would use them again. However, when my granddaughter stayed she was allergic to them, causing sneezing, a blocked nose etc.
Spray cleaner
Kept all the worktops clean by removing spills, it also cleaned very well in the bathroom. I missed the nice smell like a lot of cleaners have so think I will go back to my normal one.

Smol website






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