One minute your bay tree is small enough that you can keep it all trimmed to a decent height, then in the blink of an eye it’s so big you have no way of reaching it to cut it down. That’s when you call in the experts, so my landlord got N.J. Apps to pop along and do the job. How easy they make it all look when you have the correct tools plus they even cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommended.

It is now half the size but still gives a bit of privacy from the house behind, they did chuck over the few branches that went down in their garden. I was amazed at how quickly it was all completed, I now have a rounded bay tree at the bottom of the garden. I have learned my lesson and will now keep it down to that height. I can also see the palm tree that I had forgotten was there!

I did ask the men to be careful with my homemade pond as I had over 100 tadpoles in there in different stages of their lives to become frogs.

My grandson Freddie 7 loves all creatures and at one point I had to facetime him at home so he could watch the frogs!

I keep imagining them all hopping up the garden en mass lol.

Croak Croak



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