This writing group has gone from strength to strength during the pandemic, in fact, we all managed to produce an anthology called Ghosts By The Sea. These stories are all set in iconic places around the town, there is even a map that you can follow to read the stories at each place. We all corresponded by email and WhatsApp, self-publishing last year. It is free on Kindle and available to purchase the book here on Amazon.

A collection of ghost stories set against the background of Folkestone on the Kent coast written by a group of writers called Write by the Sea, the contributors being Deborah Jones, Karen Marwood, Mark Brophy, AL Marchant, Carol Grimes, Jane Cottle, Suzannah Gisby, Andrew Paul, Nicholas Irwin, Paul Robinson, Jana Chatters, Lynzy Heartfield, Carol Harte, Aleksandra Michalska, Tony Hulse, Chani Barnes, Margaret Harland-Suddes and Mary Leadbetter.

Last week we had our first meeting which we held in The Hideaway, what a magnificent turnout, I think we were all desperate for a good chat and get together after being confined to barracks. During this year we have been writing more stories for our next anthology which is called Doorways To The Sea, it is available on Kindle and very soon in book form, available here on Amazon.

An imp with a cunning plan. A courageous little speedboat. A group of fifty-somethings, gathering for a birthday reunion. Old bones. Old soldiers. Two scatty girls with an Ouija board. Mermaids, an enterprising seagull, Steampunk, HG Wells, and a fossil hunter. All are waiting for you behind the doorways to the sea. Tales of love and loss, terror and bravery, unspeakable wickedness and redemption too. From the early days of Folkestone as a resort to a long, long time in the future. Put together during the coronavirus lockdown by Folkestone Writing Group, Write by the Sea. Contributors are Deborah Jones, Mark Brophy, Karen Marwood, A L Marchant, Caroline Boorman, Paul Robinson, Jana Chatters, Chani Barnes, Laura Ellison, Lynzy Heartfield, Erica Fortuna, Nigel Ripple, Anne Neville, Mary Leadbetter, Carol Grimes, Douglas Wade, Geoffrey Darrington, Naomi Dickinson, Nicholas Irwin, Carol Harte, and photographer Lynette Merry.

We also held a photographic competition for the cover of the book, we had over 60 photos and the well-known photographer Andy Markwell had the job of choosing the winner. Which was Lynette Merry.

Dates for future meetings have been decided plus two author events to look forward to, the first one on the 29th July at 6 pm at The Hideaway. Diana Dennis and Debby Jones will be doing a talk on writing a memoir and research for your books, where to look, and how, springs to mind. I think this will be very popular so you best book your seat, as usual, it is all free and open to everyone.

On the weekend of the 16th July, the group will be at the Hythe Food Festival in our author tent, if you’re in the area then please pop along and say hi. There will be a good selection of authors there to chat to and have them sign your books. If you would like to attend as one of the authors then please get in touch with the group or Debby Jones.

As you can see we have all been busy with our writing. I think it was much easier to write a short story and to read short stories as I know some found it hard to concentrate for long periods of time when you are stuck indoors on your own. I think we all feel so pleased that we have achieved something to keep from this awful pandemic.

I hope you enjoy reading our books and please do leave a review as it certainly cheers us up to hear if people enjoying our work, or not. LOL Keep up the writing everyone as our next project will be announced soon.


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