Sometimes days and weeks go by with hardly anything happening but then it all changes and you look back and think, wow, just wow!

I had two very ill granddaughters that ended up at the hospital, at different times luckily, so both had drips and strong antibiotics to carry on taking at home, which is still ongoing but both appear to be improving.

My website had decided not to like the Google4 analytics that I tried to install so was constantly going offline, I had over 50 emails keep telling me this! I did find a great company to fix this but will tell you about that in the next post.

Beginning of the week I fell down one step and ended up like a toddler with cut and grazed knees, then the other foot came out in sympathy and was covered in the biggest bruise, no pain though, thank goodness.  Then the end of the week I had to go pick up Enzo from nursery and tripped up on their ramp falling flat on my face. The end result is a face that will not be seen out in public until the cuts, grazes and redness have all gone, painkillers have been my best friends. I must admit it really hurt, had to clean it up quickly before Enzo saw me covered in blood.

I was looking forward to going to the music event up on the Leas today as the BBC are filming it all. Mind you rain is predicted all day and all week actually, our great British weather. I will spend the next week getting up to date with reading, reviewing and blogging, I am having to wear my glasses balanced at the bottom of my nose though as it is all cut.

Let us hope for a quieter week, I will also wish for sunshine.




  1. Eeeeww, that looks so painful! I hope you are recovering quickly. (I suppose we all have a day or two similar to this but yours looks particularly filled with tribulation, my friend!) Hang in there! I will continue to pray for you and your grandsons’ recovery. <3

    • karensworld.writer
      July 28, 2023 / 5:44 pm

      ThAnk you Ellie

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