Après Ski: Ways to relax after a day on the slopes

On a ski holiday, while much of your time will be spent skiing, part of the trip is also about what you do after. “Après ski”, a term derived from French, translating to “after skiing” is a much loved part of the holiday by many ski-goers. It encompasses any or all the entertaining, social, anti-social, musical or non-musical activities you do. After a day on the slopes, not everyone will be up for partying, in fact some may prefer a quieter way to spend the evening. If you are looking for ways to relax,  here are some ideas for you to do so after a long day on the slopes:

Stretching or yoga

Take some time to stretch or do gentle yoga to help release tension and prevent muscle soreness. This can be done in your hotel room or in a class offered at the resort.

Enjoy a Hot Beverage

A warm beverage, whether hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, may be calming and assist you in relaxing. Especially with the magnificent scenery surrounding, grab a spot by the window and look out at the mountains and enjoy your beverage in peace.

Soak in a hot tub or sauna.

Head on over to the hot tubs or saunas at your ski chalets to give your body the rest and recovery it needs after strenuous skiing. This not only gives your body and mind some meditative time and space, it is also great for easing any sore muscles, recharging you for the next day of skiing.

Listen to live music.

In certain ski resorts, live music is played late afternoon or early evening. While some locations offer club nights, there may be other locations that offer live music, whether it’s acoustic or jazz, you may want to check out the entertainment offered nearby and partake in them for a relaxing evening.

Enjoy a meal with friends.

Food and wine are frequently involved with après ski, and dining with friends may be a fantastic way to unwind and connect. The custom of going out for a drink after a mountain workout is almost as old as winter sports. After all, a drink does taste better following a few slope-side twists.

Play games

For après-ski entertainment, several ski resorts provide games like pool, ping pong, football, and many others.

Take a walk or go snowshoeing.

You may have spent the day going down the slopes, but have you considered taking it slow and going up the slopes at the end of the day? Being able to take it slow and get some fresh air in the process can be an excellent way to unwind, you may also find some beautiful perching spots along the way.

Enjoy a massage or spa treatment.

An option to relax and alleviate weary muscles can be found at several ski resorts’ spas or massage salons.

Take a stroll

You could also take a stroll about in the resort or a nearby town, which may offer a change of scenery and an opportunity to take in the area’s natural beauty. You may also be able to check out the local shops, enjoying the culture your holiday location has to offer, whether it’s through food, drink or even local crafts!

Whatever your ski holiday looks like, it is probably comforting to know that there will be activities suitable for everyone. Relaxing is just one aspect of the holiday and there are many ways you can do so. This would help you feel recharged for the holiday and continue to hit the slopes the next day!


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