I wanted a spray lotion so I could get it on my back after sunbathing on holiday, so picking up this one was just luck but there is not a lot of choice in sprays. The lotion has a nice smell, spraying very finely over your skin. Rubbing in quickly it absorbs into your skin in seconds leaving it smooth and dry, that’s the best bit for me as I don’t like the feeling of being all sticky and waiting for it all to dry in.

I had a small patch of sunburn on my chest after holiday and I could see it start to bubble so I used this up to three or four times a day but didn’t rub it in just left it to dry every time. The bubbles disappeared, I did not peel and the skin lost its redness after a few days.

I am now on my second can as I love it so much, to be honest, I have never used a lotion so much. It’s great not to have sticky, clammy hands after rubbing lotions into your skin.

I purchased it in Savers and it was £3.29 the link is here.

I found this website by accident, I think it is very good. You can look up products and read the reviews about them which are all written by everyday shoppers like you and me. I have joined and put my first review up, I also have another to do later. If you don’t want to join you can just go through the products and read what it says about them. The lotion was not on the site so hopefully they will put my review up now. It covers so many beauty products it’s great if you are looking for something in particular for your beauty regime.


Let me know what you think.



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