I met up with Jo at the weekend as we both live by the sea in Folkestone and she had this to say about her writing, books and the hut on The Harbour Arm where you can find her and all her books for sale plus the wonderful photography by Dirk her partner.

I suppose you could say I’ve turned to a life of crime. As I write this, the second book in The Write Way to Die series is about to be published and I’m almost halfway through writing the third.

Bang to Rights sees the return of the characters Amy and Jenny who once more turn detective when bodies start appearing amongst the town’s art installations again. It looks as if The Exhibitionist is back and that they may have got the wrong man the previous summer. Bang to Rights is pretty dark in places, but there’s plenty of light relief in the interactions between the two friends. Black humour is definitely what I enjoy writing most and I hope this book will provide readers with a few laughs, however inappropriate!

Folkestone again provides the setting for the book, and the town continues to inspire me – I’ve felt more part of a community here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. I’m looking forward to the next Triennial and a fresh batch of art installations to fuel the fire already burning in my brain.

Bang to Rights will be available in paperback on Amazon soon, as an eBook, and also to order via bookshops. You can order direct from me and you’ll find all my novels in Hut 22 at the Folkestone Harbour Arm market every weekend from March until October, where they lurk amongst my partner Dirk Seyfried’s photography. Sometimes you’ll find me lurking there too, although Dirk is my number one salesman. He can tell you all about my books as he lives through the writing process with me, and is the first person to read each new chapter. If Dirk is to be believed, this book is even better than the last. He might be biased though, so I suppose the only way to find out is to grab yourself a copy and make up your own mind!

In the meantime, I’ll be at my desk overlooking the viaduct and thinking up new ways to commit murder most horrid. Although I do have another women’s fiction novel completed, I think crime is where it’s at for me now.

And, hopefully, crime pays.


www.jobavingtonjones.co.uk                               Hut 22, Folkestone Harbour Arm

www.dirkseyfriedphotography.com                   Market

All books available here on AMAZON



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