Charlie was a serving UK police officer for thirteen years. During that time he had many roles, starting as a frontline response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team, and also as a detective investigating the more serious offenses.

His books are a series of thrillers and, rather unsurprisingly, policing is central to the stories.

He quit the force to write full time.

Charlie lives on the south coast of the U.K with his wife and two daughters, a springer spaniel, a tortoise, and a cat called Ted who has a far higher number of Twitter followers. Charlie is published by Joffe Books and Avon, Harper Collins.

Joel Norris Books:
Book 1: The Friend
Book 2: (COMING SOON)Maddie Ives Books:
Book 1 – He Is Watching You
Book 2 – He Will Kill You
Book 3 – He Will Find You
Book 4 – He Knows Your Secrets
Book 5 – He Will Get You
Book 6 – The Deadly Houses

The books of the Langthorne Series:
Book 1 – Bodily Harm
Book 2 – Panic Button
Book 3 – Blood Money
Book 4 – End Game
Book 5 – Missing
Book 6 – Then She Ran
Book 7 – Her Last Breath

Standalone books:

Once you read one of Charlie’s books you become to expect the true gritty value of them as he does not spare any details. The stories are so unusual that they grip you into just keep reading them, once you start you cannot stop. Not easy to work out who the killers are, with unexpected events constantly keeping you on your toes.
The Maddie Ives series was very good so I am hoping for the same from this new series, the next book is due out later this year. The locations used are all familiar to where Charlie lives so for us it’s great to be able to picture where all the scenes are taking place. They would also make brilliant films and definitely should be optioned by the TV companies.
From a schoolgirl in a coma to some other strange murders this will keep you intrigued and fascinated by the way it all does link together. Strong characters that work well together to making this another best seller for CHARLIE GALLAGHER.

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