When their father dies unexpectedly, siblings Max, Ellie and Nathan can’t even contemplate emptying his house—not least because he spent his last decade curating what feels like a museum to his polished public image. So it is Max’s wife, Caroline, who finds the suitcase under a bed… A suitcase stuffed full of an awful lot of cash.

The source of the money is a mystery to them all, and each has a strong opinion about what to do with it. Ellie and her husband James have an expensive lifestyle to maintain and could do with their share of the windfall—James in particular, for reasons he doesn’t dare reveal. Nathan can’t be trusted with money, as the others all know; he’s desperate to get his hands on some (or all) of the cash. But Caroline is the one guarding the suitcase, and she’s insisting to Max that they take it to the police.

The three siblings have always been close. But now, with this money from nowhere threatening to rewrite what they thought they knew about their father and their family, nothing seems certain. Could it really tear them apart?

What to do? How do they decide and will they ever agree, you can see every side of these three people and where their loyalties and views come from but it does not make it any easier. You try putting yourself in their position but that don’t help either. You can feel them growing apart slowly as you read through the book. I often wondered how this would end and what would they decide, the ending is brilliant and makes it all fall into place. Very good story and recommended.

Million-copy bestselling author Imogen Clark writes contemporary book club fiction.

Her books have reached number 1 in Kindle stores around the world and Where the Story Starts was shortlisted for Contemporary Romantic Novel of the Year 2020.

Imogen initially qualified as a lawyer, but after leaving her legal career behind to care for her four children, she returned to her first love—books. She went back to university to study English Literature whilst the children were at school, and then tried her hand at writing novels herself.

Her great love is travel and she is always planning her next adventure. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and children.

If you’d like to get in touch then please visit her website at where you can sign up for her monthly newsletter. Imogen can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as Imogen Clark at Home.

The book is available on Amazon here.


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