Some mornings I walk round the garden and find such unexpected things, that make you wonder where they came from, for example these freshwater snails, Nerite algae eating snails were in abundance yesterday after the rain, I’m guessing this is why the water is very clear this year. Pleased they came to visit and hope they stay to keep the pond clean but I wonder where they came from.  This frog just loves the sunshine and is so big, he also does not mind being stroked! This is by the grandchildren, not me. Then I looked at the Bay tree and the bottom of it looked like something from a sci-fi movie, very strange but maybe shoots coming out, I am not sure.

I have one cherry on the new tree so I am pleased that it is still growing and healthy. The Olive tree has grown so much since I removed it from its pot and put it in the ground, obviously likes the freedom to spread its roots. Everything seems to be flowering very late this year, even my roses are struggling. I cannot wait for some colour in the garden as at the moment it is just green everywhere.

I love the way the palm tree is spreading out and making it look all tropical.


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