The second novel in the Charlie Stone series…

A dark, intricate network is spreading through Europe…

Teenagers murdered in draconian ways…

Charlie Stone’s most formidable enemy yet…

From the backstreets of Hamburg to the archaic village of Grund in Luxembourg, a startling sequence of terrifying murders will push Charlie Stone to his mental and physical limits. Incarcerated in Police Protection, DS Stone is frustrated. Despite Amy Green’s killers being brought to justice, a gruesome murder in Hawkinge is a stark reminder that the case is far from closed. In an attempt to find the perpetrators, Charlie is sent across Europe before heading back to Folkestone for a final showdown with his arch-nemesis. Will Charlie be able to keep his family together as all hell breaks loose in his working life? Will he be able to connect the dots before the murders start to become personal? Can Charlie keep those he loves safe whilst struggling against his most powerful adversary yet?

Trevor Twohig’s books get better with each one he writes and this one is good, action throughout the book keeps you enthralled with this story plus keeping you up all night as you just want to read another page…. I also love reading about my home town Folkestone where this author also resides. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this next book for you Trevor.

The detective Charlie Stone is a great character, I can see this going on to be an impressive series that ticks all the boxes. I am surprised a publisher has not picked this up yet, I’m looking forward to the next book and reviewing it. Descriptive writing gives you a view of the elements involved in this story and even though there is killing it is not described in a gritty way, so pleases many audiences. You cannot predict what will happen as there are many twists and turns, I loved the way Dave was his savior on many occasions, just when you thought it was all over for Charlie Stone.

Trevor Twohig was born in South East London. Never great at school, except English. Writing is his passion.

Throughout his life, he has created novels and novellas, poetry, and lyrics. For a large part of his professional career, he has been a teacher and Head of English as creating a desire to write in the next generation is something he believes in.

Sunny Sands was released in 2018 and was the top seller at The Conrad Press. Currently, self-published, the first book was followed by the second novel in the series, released in 2020, entitled Crimson Cross. Currently, the third book Two Wolves is also available now.

Available on Amazon here.



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