Mary is one of the writers from my writing group Write By The Sea in Folkestone. This is her first book which she self-published in 2018. If you have an interest in spiritualism then this will interest you, I find it amazing what some people can see or hear and would love to be able to do it myself. A very interesting book where much of it came through Mary as a medium.

Since when have you reached out to the sky and asked for help? Why do humans look to the sky for inspiration? I believe that deep in all of us there is a fundamental belief that there is another energy or life beyond our scope of understanding? If only we could access it, our questions might get answered, or some comfort provided. Mary Leadbetter, a practicing Medium and Spiritual healer shares some of her channeled writing, which is given to her like dictation. Some of the pieces are philosophical: some are from individuals who relate their earthly life and explain about life in another dimension. If you are in need of comfort, or of some explanation about the worlds beyond, then this little book could supply some answers.

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