Top 4 Ways to Style Eyeglasses in Winter

Winter fashion is incomplete without the right pair of designer glasses for men and women. If you want to elevate your cold-weather style quotient, this blog has got your back.

How to Style Eyeglasses in Winters: A 4-step Guide


Winter is here and it is time to upgrade your wardrobe. Along with chunky knits, leather jackets, cosy coats, and stylish berets, eyeglasses also play a pivotal part in elevating your winter fashion. I am a firm believer that winter is the best time to amp up your style quotient and look ultra-fashionable – effortlessly. So, my cold-weather fashion update includes combining eyewear with all the quintessential elements of a good winter outfit – coats, boots, hats, and knits.

But, yes, it is quite understandable that even after acing your winter fashion game, you might find it difficult to combine your eyeglasses with winter ensembles. However, fret not, as some easy-peasy tips will have you covered. After comprehensive efforts and multiple trials and errors, I have found a way to style spectacles online in the winter in the best possible way. Want to know more? Read ahead!

Styling Eyeglasses in Winters – A Crisp Summary

  1. Thick-frames Glasses Are Your Best Friend

Chunky thick-rimmed acetate glasses can be tough to carry. They especially clash with your flowy summery dresses and breezy bermudas. However, the situation completely alters when you are wearing thick glasses during winter. The layered look of woollen coats with high-neck pullovers, tartan skirts, and boots pair extremely well with the chunkiness of thick frames. Opt for thick glasses in colours like black and tortoiseshell, as they go well with almost every winter attire.

  1. Tinted Glasses to the Rescue

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your prescription glasses with tinted lenses. These are excellent options to improve both the functionality and fashion quotient of your winter wardrobe and eyewear game. Some of the best tints for winter include –

  • Yellow – They are ideal for snow-related activities or while driving in the fog. So, if you live in a jittery cold area that is covered with snow during the winter months, then yellow lens coatings can do the trick. They will alleviate pressure from your eyes, and improve your visual acuity while making you look ultra stylish.
  • Orange – These tints are ideal for winter, as they increase contrast in foggy, hazy and low-light conditions. Besides, the vivacity of the orange lens tints will add oomph to your winter outfits.
  • Rose or Red – Rose or red lens tins are known to soothe your eyes – a feature that makes them comfortable for prolonged wear. Besides, the rosy or reddish hue of the lenses will further spice up your looks.

Infusing special tints on designer glasses for men and women during winter is a great way to add extra functions to your glasses, induce additional comfort in your eyes, and make you look and feel ultra-fabulous.

  1. Spice Up Your Basic Winter Outfits with Jewel-toned Glasses

Being extra stylish during winter takes time. Layering, matching colours, and creating a cohesive look from head to toe requires concerted efforts. But, not everyone has the time or headspace to pour in such efforts, which is quite understandable. In such a context, there is no need to worry or fret. You can spruce up your winter outfits instantly by levelling up the spectacles online.

Even though you are wearing the most basic winter outfit, such as a black sweater with black jeans and a pair of boots, pairing them with an eye-catching frame can take the entire ensemble two notches higher instantly and effortlessly. One of your best bets is to opt for jewel-toned glasses in hues like cobalt blue, emerald green, rose gold, vibrant pinks, etc. Such vivacious and captivating monocles will ensure that your outfit has a special element, despite it being simple.

  1. Red is the Colour of the Season

This autumn-winter, red is the trendiest colour. It is seen in some of the hottest runways, such as that of Stella McCartney and Elie Saab. So, when you style your winter outfits, make sure to incorporate hints of red. And, what would be the simplest way to do so? Well, wear a pair of red glasses. From crimson reds to deep wine reds, the options are limitless. But, remember that one pair of red designer glasses for men or women can spruce up your winter style game and exude a high-fashion appeal.

Concluding Thoughts

So, there we have it, my two cents on styling eyeglasses during winter. You do not need to be a fashion maestro to ace the winter wear and eyeglass combo. The four simple steps can take your fashion game forward by many miles.


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