The thing with dating online you can put pictures behind you so that you can be anywhere you like, the more romantic the better. I love the beach in the summer so something like this picture would be just right for me. If your date is over Zoom then you can pick which background you would like, so romance is in the air where ever you are.


There are many ways to make the date one to remember, this could include arranging to send each other a card and present so then you can exchange when you are online together, Prestige flowers are brilliant for these gifts. I love seeing the persons face especially if they are really happy with what you have thought about and got them. Some deliveries you can pick a rough time that they will be delivered so arranging this for when you are both chatting is super as you can see their surprise when they are handed the present. Flowers or presents from the florist is good for this as they can see what is being delivered to them.


Because we are not going out shopping and looking for little sentimental things to give to each other the internet is your friend. There are so many small independent suppliers of such cute things, putting random things in search bars, even spelling it wrong will bring you up a host of places to look for your perfect gift. Cambridgeshire dating is a hot bed of new people so find your perfect mate before Valentine’s day and get the presents sorted to blow their minds.


This takes a bit of thought, also depending on how much you know the other person. I think the obvious ones are writing a love letter, we don’t get them anymore and it’s something you can keep. Poems about love, romance, why you love them, the more personal you make it the better. Making a frame for a favourite photo or getting a pic that shows how much you like them. Recording their favourite songs for when they are driving or walking or maybe making a podcast for them. Voucher books are very popular now but when you make your own then it becomes so personal, made with love. Painting a plant pot and putting their favourite flower in it, or just painting, drawing them a picture. The more you find out and know about your partner then the more personal you can make it.

Virtual dating became popular when the internet grew and developed, at  first we had MSN and we could see and chat to our friends. This developed very quickly into dating and getting to know people online, always follow the guidelines which are there for your own safety when you first begin chatting to someone. It is so much easier to ask questions when you are not sitting next to them so it gives you the opportunity to find out everything you want to know about the other person before you even meet them. If you are wondering how romantic they are, February 14th will let you know.

Happy dating


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