Virtual First Dates

If you are anything like me then you dread the first date of going to meet someone, will you like each other, having seen the photos do they look like that now? So many questions flying around in your head. But the one thing that Covid has given us is the ability to virtual date, either on Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. I am sure many singles cheered for this new virtual dating update as all you have to do is learn how to get online on one of these platforms. Jersey Dating Site is an ideal place to start your journey by picking the group that best suits you from these:

They also cover all of Jersey, not that it is huge but local dating makes it so much easier to meet up when the time is right.


Meeting online is great for the nervous and people who may be getting back into dating when a bit older. I find that seeing someone on a computer screen is far less daunting, plus you can have a list of conversation ideas, so there are no awkward gaps in conversation. It makes it a lot easier to find out about the other person so you get to know them in your own relaxed atmosphere.

During the pandemic many singles have hooked up online as it is now their social connection to other people, it is also a great way to make new friends, especially ones who have the same interests as yourself. Virtual dating is the new place to start, then going on to doing this together online such as:

  • Exercising
  • Games such as chess or cards
  • Cooking
  • Virtual tour of museums or art shows
  • Music, playing instruments
  • Dancing
  • Watching films
  • Plan a holiday
  • Quiz
  • Learn a language
  • Twenty questions about each other

There are so many different ideas plus you can make up your own based on your hobbies or interests.


Once this pandemic is under control you can then both plan your ideal dates for when you actually meet, this will then be something you both enjoy as you have planned it together. Jersey Dating can also give you some tips on dates, their mature dating site is ideal for the more mature daters amongst us. Even if you just want some companionship doing the things that you miss and find hard to do on your own, I am sure you will find someone with the same hobbies as yourself.

  • Always keep your private details to yourself until you are very sure that you trust them.
  • Always tell someone who you are meeting and where.
  • Never lend money or tell bank details.
  • Tell someone all the details about the person you are meeting plus give them a photo of them, even if it is just a screenshot.

Happy dating and most of all enjoy yourself as if it does not work out you can just try again.


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