How To Find Your Perfect Partner Online

How To Find Your Perfect Partner Online

Finding someone online isn’t exactly hard, but finding someone who is perfect for you is a little more difficult. They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but you probably want something that’s more like an impressive swordfish than a guppy, right? Don’t worry. It can seem a little difficult to navigate the variety of platforms and options online, but with three simple steps you can keep on the straight (or not so straight) and narrow as you journey to your destination of a partner! So, how do we start things off?

Set Your Goals from The Start

Set this in stone from the get-go. What are you looking for? What kind of person? What relationship expectations do you want, or are you expecting? Do you want a sugar daddy or is money not at all a part of what you’re looking for? There’s a lot to ask yourself when you begin this search, but understand that this is so important for you, but also for those you talk to online. Honesty is the best policy, and leading someone on because you didn’t let them know what you were looking for can be greatly damaging on many fronts.

Know Where to Look

This is key to any search you’re going to undertake. Knowing where to look is very important. You wouldn’t want to go to a sugar daddy exclusive site for a general dating experience, and vice versa. Understanding where to go means you’ll understand the kind of experience the people on there are looking for. As an example, there are a variety of sites for those looking for dedicated sugar daddy relationships, which means if that’s your goal then head over to those. Meanwhile, if you’re wanting to be more emotionally committed then you could consider sites like Plenty of Fish and the like instead. You may find some crossover at times, though, and that is to be expected, but as a whole people tend to stick to one kind of site for their needs.

Keep the Spark Going – But Keep It Safe

So, you’ve found a site you like and are talking to a few people that have taken your fancy. That’s great! You’re making good progress, so now all you need to do is keep that convo going. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, when all of a sudden one of the people you’re interested in asks for some, ahem, interesting photos. What do you do now?

Keep your head on, and analyze the situation. Depending on how you’re approaching things, this could be fine, but it could also be something you’re not comfortable with. Remember that you never have to give any information or images that you’re not comfortable with, and that there are laws that should protect you if the other side turns out to be untrustworthy. Take a step back, breath, and keep your wits about you here. There’s always another way to keep the conversation going if they’re interested in more than just looks after all, so try to pivot it to a different topic if you don’t feel up for such displays. Get some ideas from my many dating blog posts at

There, three stages to finding the one for you online, whether you’re looking for a spicy-sweet sugar daddy or someone to settle down with for the long haul. Either way, make sure to play it safe, be careful, but also enjoy the ride. For many older men the worry is that they won’t be enough or they won’t be able to perform, but this can be easily solved by contacting an ED Clinic Exton or a similar clinic elsewhere. For women, the worry can be that their biological clock is running out, but nowadays it’s totally possible to have children in your 40s, so there’s no huge rush. The internet is not nearly as scary as people think, as long as you keep your head on your shoulders and don’t do anything dumb. Besides, we only live once, after all. May as well make it a fun time, right?


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