As I lost all my posts I am trying to redo some of them, one being my bucket list but what on earth did I have on it? I think back to last year then realise that the things I am remembering are from the year before as 2020 not a lot happened for anyone apart from Covid. I live in hope that once we have all had our second vaccination things might get easier but then there could always be a new variant that will just set us back again. We all need something to look forward to and that is why I thought about my bucket list.

My Bucket List

  • The one thing that has been on it for years but I still have not done it, is to travel around Italy in my camper for at least 6 months. I am not brave enough to do it by myself so finding someone that could be away that long is hard.
  • To go on a cruise.
  • Travel back to Australia and see all the places that I lived.
  • Have a book published, writing a best seller, seeing it in Waterstones window.
  • Go to Scotland and Southern Ireland but not in the winter.
  • Go shopping in New York.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Have a beach party.
  • Have a meal in The Ivy, London.
  • Own a designer bag and shoes.
  • Get a tiny tattoo.
  • Have belly button pierced.

Have you thought about a bucket list and what would be on yours?



What do you think?

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