Whoever said decorating is soothing, rewarding, easy or anything else like that, I do not understand. They must have the patience of a saint to be able to keep painting the second coat when you have no idea where you have or have not painted the first coat. Yes, a roller is quicker but the tiny splash marks go everywhere and then you can only see them when you have your glasses on, I try to leave them off now lol.

I have found the bigger the brush the quicker it is, also better to just go buy a new one as they are so cheap why waste all that water trying to wash them out. The wallpapering is a bit easier but trying to work out whether to start in the middle of this chimney breast or one end was not easy and then we measured it and ended up not doing it how we thought at all, but thankfully it all turned out ok and looks good, again with no glasses on you cannot see the joins. I do want to say a huge thank you to my friend Sylvie as she has tried to keep me sane and helped so much, there has been a lot of crying and cake eating.

I would imagine it can be less upsetting if you are doing just one room as at the end of the day you can forget about it and shut the door but I had insulation and gas central heating put in all at the same time so they did stuff in every room! I would have said no if I had known which I guess is my own fault for not asking the questions but if you are floundering in the dark, how do you know what to ask. The company did appear to have a well-rehearsed answer for everything.

So the kitchen and bedroom are decorated but need cupboards and shelves etc put on the walls, I do not have a drill and wouldn’t be able to hold it up and still while drilling and would have the holes in the wrong place no doubt? I have found a handy girl who will be doing these jobs next week, I breathe a sigh of relief to have something completed after weeks of disruption.

I had to buy some more paint as the painter left me what he had used for the plastered walls he had painted but it didn’t last very long. The hallway I am going to get painted by a painter as I know I could not do that without people commenting every time they walked down it. The new paint was opened so I could do a wall in the living room, I was hoping for a one coat paint, “yes this will be just the job” said the man in the shop. NO, it will need two coats as it’s even patchier than the other paint and who would have known that there are different shades of white paint! I mean white is white surely, oh no it’s not I scream as I stomp from the room realising that the whole room is going to have to be painted. I cannot face that and let’s face it for an amateur who I might add has never completed any decorating before in her life this could take days, probably weeks as my shoulder has objected to being waved about so much.

I can honestly say this has been an extremely bad experience and is still ongoing, pass me that gin!





  1. Gillian Emans
    November 7, 2021 / 3:31 pm

    It looks lovely Karen, well done 👏

    • karensworld.writer
      November 7, 2021 / 3:36 pm

      Thank you Gillian, the rest is still in progress ☹️

  2. November 6, 2021 / 5:28 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post. I love your book wallpaper, as well as the picture and keyholder, and I think your kitchen looks great! Over the years, my patience for things such as this has worn thin, and now I find that my favorite part of decorating is the end result. LOL!

    • karensworld.writer
      November 6, 2021 / 5:49 pm

      Oh yes I agree, I’m still looking at the wallpaper in amazement as I feel it is just so me. 😊

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