I heard about bubble tea a couple of years ago from Izzy as she really liked them, I since forgot about them until I saw online that a place had opened up on the Harbour Arm in Folkestone. As Kara and Jade were with me the other day I dragged them down to the Harbour so I could try them, they had both had them before so knew what they were like. Helping me to choose the flavours and trying to explain to me what they were like did not prepare me for the bubble tea.

It is like juice so you can pick which flavour you would like then you have another flavour which is made of tiny balls, that sit in the bottom of your cup. The straw is a lot bigger than normal so when you suck the drink you also get one or more of the balls in your mouth which you pop for more flavour. It is a bit surprising the first time and if you suck too hard they go straight down your throat! I found that whenever I was trying to suck up the balls they never came but then as soon as I wasn’t expecting them I ended up with a mouthful, very entertaining.  My view of bubble tea is very good and looking forward to trying more flavours, I imagine they are very thirst-quenching in the sunshine and be great for sitting on the beach.

Now we have Mochi buns! I have never heard of these and really did not know what to expect, the middle is lovely as it’s a nice rich ice cream. This is then wrapped in rice dough, no flavour, and a stretchy cover around the ice cream that is a bit chewy. This really is a taste like no other so you are going to have to try them yourself, you get three for £4.75 I would suggest trying different flavours as maybe that makes a difference, I only had the chocolate. I will try the others to see which I like best but I think I would prefer a normal ice cream.

So you are never too old to try new things!

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