Revolutionary cooling blanket, made by Elegear.

When I was asked to review one of these, I was so pleased as my temperature most of the time is overheating. I have constantly asked the doctors what can be done about this, why is there not a tablet or something to stop you from getting so hot? I can honestly say that it really gets me down.

I waited in anticipation for my parcel to arrive, praying that it would help me in some way. The first thing I noticed when removing the package was how heavy it is as it looks and feels very thin. The grey colour is very neutral so will go with any bedding or sofa.

I tried it first on the sofa as a throw, pulling it over myself when I got really hot, its not a magic fix and I think it was too much expecting it to cool me down when I am baking hot and sweating.  I then decided to have it over me all the time when watching tv or reading. This did keep me from overheating, so that is the tip, do not wait until you are very hot, cover yourself when cool and it then stops you from getting unbearable hot. I am now looking forward to the summer and being able to sleep at night with this thin cover over myself.

I think it will be super in the campervan as that does get hot when abroad so this will keep me at a pleasant temperature all night. Thank you so much for asking me to review this perfect blanket.

Revolutionary cooling blanket, made by Elegear.

Summer throw blanket with Japanese Q-max 0.4 cooling fibre absorbs heat to keep you cool on warm nights, anti-allergy and breathable. 150 x 200cm

I have a money off voucher here so you get an even better bargain,

15% OFF:W4ITUY4N  End date: 12/31/2021 

This can be purchased on Amazon here. 


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