The last thing Victor remembers is dancing through the streets of Rome with his wife, Ruby, as they celebrated their honeymoon.

So why is he back at the airport alone?

There’s no sign of Ruby anywhere and he has no memory of their flight home.

All he knows is she’s in serious trouble and urgently needs his help.

But first, he has to find her, while avoiding the police at all costs.

He has a strong feeling he can’t trust them – but he has no idea why …

His Lost Wife is a short psychological thriller with a gut-wrenching twist from the bestselling author of His Wife’s Sister.

I loved this thriller as it pulled you right in and I could not stop reading it, great characters with superb writing. I really wanted this story to go for longer as it was superb, what a brilliant ending! You need to read this story as I highly recommend it.

A J Wills writes standalone psychological thrillers with twisty plots.

He’s a former journalist who wrote in his spare time, before and after work for ten years, until he was finally able to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a full-time author in May 2021.

He’s never looked back and now runs a small independent publishing company, Cherry Tree Publishing with his wife, AJ McDine, also a thriller writer.

He said: “I’ve always loved thrillers, but psychological thrillers hold a special interest for me because they’re about the scary, insane, disturbing things that happen to ordinary people – and we can all relate to them on some level.”

He lives in Kent in the southeast of England.

You can download AJ Wills’s psychological thriller, His Lost Wife, for free by visiting bit.ly/hislostwife

You can find out more about him here:

website: ajwillsauthor.com

Facebook page AuthorAJWills

Instagram account ajwills_author

Of course, you can always contact him directly at adrian@ajwillsauthor.com, where he loves to answer messages from genuine readers.



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