During the lockdown, most of us have spent the time at home with many working from home plus being all alone for over a year. Facetime, skype, and zoom have been our only means of seeing and talking to people. Having enjoyed the experience of online dating and getting to know the person by talking, texting, or email, many are now feeling very daunted about having an actual date to meet-up. Doing it all online made many feel so safe plus having the confidence to ask anything at all, we all get very brave in text, knowing you have not got to ask or talk face to face. Virtual dating has been so fun with no one feeling threatened, embarrassed, or just plain scared.

How do you now feel about having a proper date? 

There are still covid rules to follow still, so you have to meet outside, I think it’s best to be safe and wear a mask and keep your distance. These are all things that will make you feel safer, so long as your not meeting in the middle of a wood! Keep to the parks, beaches, cafes that have a constant supply of people walking about so you never feel alone or threatened. You could always have a friend sitting nearby just to keep an eye on you.

So many people have said how well they have got to know their date over the last few months as they have spent so long chatting with each other. That doesn’t have to stop, remember you are in charge and it is all your decision.

Dating choices

  • cinema
  • zoo
  • beach
  • coffee
  • meal
  • swimming
  • fair
  • shops
  • museum
  • castle
  • bike ride
  • bowling
  • country house
  • car racing
  • sport event
  • exercise
  • dance
  • club

To take the pressure off actually meeting up with someone, pick a date that involves doing something so it takes the pressure off just sitting and talking to each other. For example, if you both enjoy music, you might enjoy a silent disco, which involves wearing headphones and dancing to a channel of tracks of your choice. This could be a great way to break the ice, and there will be moments where you will be able to stop and talk to eachother, so you will still get the chance to chat and connect with your date.

Dress appropriately for the season and what you will be doing but most of all stay true to yourself don’t dress up and try to be something your not as that gives the other person a very false idea of the person you are. Although you are meeting outside, make sure to put on your favourite perfume or aftershave, as this can really help you feel more confident!  Furthermore, wearing some female pheromones (or male pheromones) can heighten your confidence even more!

Keep local and definitely use the local dating sites like Yorkshire Dating Site as you do not want to spend ages driving to meet up every time. This Yorkshire Dating has a super over 50’s section so you don’t have to plough through all ages to find what you are looking for. Make a list of the qualities you are looking for in a partner, plus what you do not want, have you got a height preference or a smoker. What do you really not want, be honest with yourself as this saves so much time and hopefully you get to meet your ideal partner a lot quicker and without going through all the unsuitable candidates.

Remember to keep it fun, this really shouldn’t be a chore. Dream about your ideal man, be positive in your thoughts and actions, write down positive affirmations, and manifest your perfect date.

Happy dating guys


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