Are you thinking about joining a dating site?

Are you worried about your security, from saying too much or when you go on meets?

What you have to remember from the first form you fill in, is that you are in control of everything. It is up to you what you put on the forms to what picture you send and then for you to decide if you want to talk to them. The stats say that 60% of people have a positive experience, so that’s good. I think the one thing that has improved those stats is that people have to pay on most sites to be able to talk to you, so that is a step in the right direction. Isle of man dating has a great reputation for the over 40’s 50’s and 60’s so get filling in the forms and start your dating adventure.

If you google your name and something comes up then that is what others will see when they do it, so invent yourself a nickname, don’t put your correct date of birth, you don’t have to lie about your age but you can about the day and month. Put your county as where you are from, to begin with, and pick people that are from your general area first of all. If you are talking to a couple then find out where they live and if that appeals to you, you could mention the biggest town.

When posting a picture pick a whole body shot, a headshot, and maybe a pic of your pet if you have one or a car, bike, or something to do with a hobby. You do not need to send a suggestive photo to get a date and if they ask you for one then you say no and I would delete them straight away. Some men and women have got very blasé about nude photos with many thinking it’s what people want, that is a very small minority so don’t get taken in by that. Never do anything on camera that you do not want on the internet as blackmailing has been known to happen. Stay safe, never say or do anything that people could use against you. Never send money to pay for them to come and meet you, they probably just want the money and you will never hear from them again and then they also have more of your details.

Please do not be taken in by a new site and offers too good to be true as it is probably a fake site that will then sell your details. If you are concerned in any way, do some research; sites such as matterous.com where you can check the validity of many sites on the internet can be useful for this. There are constant scams now so please be aware, check everything or ask someone before you give out anything, and be safe online.

With lockdown coming to an end there are going to be many first-time dates happening so pick a busy place during the daytime on your day off, and stay local so you know where you are going. Also tell your best friend where you are going and who you are meeting, give them the details from the dating site so they know who you are with. The Isle of man dating site is a superb example of a good dating site, do some research before you pick and most of all have fun.





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