I was lucky enough to win this box of tea on social media so felt it was only fair to give them a review plus some promotion. You may remember I reviewed their coffee box last year so I was so pleased to give the tea a go. I probably drink more tea now as I am not allowed caffeine and it seems pointless to me to have de-caff coffee. The de-caff tea does not taste any different as my daughter found out last year when I took some round to hers to leave there for myself, when I…

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PUBLISHED BY THE CONRAD PRESS ON 24th April 2020 After reading the first book by Jo I was looking forward to reading this one even though it came before the other one, it didn’t matter though as they can both be stand alone stories. Will Lucy ever find the love of her life or is she destined to be single forever? Maybe she is just looking in all the wrong places. I found this really entertaining, it is a funny relaxed book that you can just pick up and read anytime. It certainly took my mind off the current pandemic…

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14TH FEBRUARY 2021 The one day of the year when everyone feels the longing to have a partner but even couples need a bit of reminding at times about the other person, so make this years valentine day one you will both remember. I have often thought that February is not a good month to have this special day as it is cold, dark and probably raining. We also all look like milk bottles as the tans faded weeks ago, why can’t it be in the summer as then people are feeling more like going out.  Let’s make this year…

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As if things are not bad enough at the moment with being shut indoors but then the hosting company for my website decided to do a bunk and disappear from everywhere online!  I am not sure how many people this affected but probably hundreds, so if you didn’t have your site backed up then you have now got NO site. I did think I had it all backed up as after 13 years you do have rather a lot of content in your blog. But no, mine was not backed up, serves me right for not reading one of the…

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