Once you start this book you cannot put it down, I was laughing out loud at some of the bits in here and also know that many are true, yes I have done online dating in my younger years. When you can relate to so many things also the place where the story is written it makes it so much more enjoyable for me. I often wonder why didn’t I think about all these things and write them myself. The answer to that is Beth Thomas is a brilliant author and gets the laughter and story just right.


Having just read a sample biography, it seems that it’s a good idea to insert details of your Booker and Pulitzer prizes here. This makes me think maybe I should leave it a while before I write this…

But who am I kidding? I like writing humorous observations on life and love, and that kind of thing never wins prizes. Although I think it definitely should. If it makes people feel good, then it’s the same as penicillin, isn’t it? And that stuff did pretty well.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, since I first held a pencil, in fact. No, really. My first novel to be published, ‘Thanks for Nothing Nick Maxwell’ (written under my pen name of Debbie Carbin) was published almost forty years after I wrote my first book when I was six. The story was about a strange person in a strange land, coping with prejudice and fitting in. It sounds more complex than it is, but I was – and am – proud of it. I wrote short stories for many years but they weren’t terribly satisfying. It was only once I had discovered the joy and pain of writing a novel that I knew I had found my niche at last, and had to write more. My second novel, ‘Three Men and a Maybe’ was published in 2009. I thoroughly recommend that if you haven’t already got a niche, you should definitely get one.

‘Carry You’ draws heavily from my experience of walking the Moonwalk, so if you want to know more about what that is, you should definitely read it. It will make you laugh and cry, then laugh again, and probably smile a fair bit in between.

‘His Other Life’ explores what could happen if your husband goes out for takeaway food and never comes back. In a humorous way.

Ultimately, I love making people laugh, so my books have always been of the humorous variety. And a lot of people say laughter is the best medicine, so eat my dust, penicillin.

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Highly recommended. 


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