I must stress that these are my views and what I have read on line. I am interested to know what you think?

X formally known as Twitter is getting full of theories about some subjects which I must admit I don’t tend to read or take much notice off, but one thing has really stood out for me now and that is during lockdown we had fantastic weather and everyone was saying about how they wished it was always like this as it would save on holidays abroad. Just a coincidence I thought at the time but, the planes were grounded! So there was none of this GeoEngineering going on.

What do you think?  Any truth in all this, I’m heading towards there must be something in it.

We are also having an abundance of cloudiness where the sun is just not getting through! Coincidence or not, the weather has been very dull for weeks though?


I now want to turn my attention to the Covid vaccinations, we were all relieved when they managed to come up with one very quickly. Some of us did think that they had not tested them at all but most of us followed the leader and went for our jabs as we were so relieved to be alive and returning to a normal life as before covid. Personally I am not having any more vaccines, I would rather take my chances now.

The stories are all coming out now about what the vaccines can do to our bodies, but not affecting everyone. It’s like a raffle if you get ill from your jab then bad luck! Not a lot of news is coming out yet about how many this has affected over the world. Should there be compensation from the pharmaceutical companies for making people ill or killing them, or from the government for encouraging us to have the jab? In fact the government is still encouraging the older generation to have their vaccines, makes you wonder if they are trying to kill them off.


If there was another Covid 19 do you think the world would follow instructions to stay home, shut businesses, no shopping, a short walk a day with masks? Personally I think people would rebel and not be sucked in again and there would definitely be far more that refused any vaccines.

Was it a way to kill off a lot of the older generation and sick people in the world?  There is more news about it being a man made virus, so it makes you think, what is it all about!



What do you think?

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