The one day of the year when everyone feels the longing to have a partner but even couples need a bit of reminding at times about the other person, so make this years valentine day one you will both remember.

I have often thought that February is not a good month to have this special day as it is cold, dark and probably raining. We also all look like milk bottles as the tans faded weeks ago, why can’t it be in the summer as then people are feeling more like going out.  Let’s make this year special with lots of candles, fires, warmth and cosyness plus a nice chilled prosecco and all your favourite food. You could even send a date invite, just so they get the idea that the night is all about romance and getting to know you that bit better.


The dating sites are very popular during January, not only preparing for valentines day but the new year resolutions of getting yourselves back out there on the dating scene. There are many sites to choose from but I think if you choose a local one then you have far more chance of meeting someone that does not live miles away. This one in Merseyside is proving very popular Merseyside dating site Please follow guidelines and always tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting, try to make it a day meeting first of all so it’s not dark.

Getting ready for the valentines date can be scary but try to channel this into excitement as let’s face it you could be meeting your soul mate!


Of course it does for everyone, why save your nice bra for going out, let’s feel good all the time. When we feel good about ourselves it shows in the way we act, talk and hold ourselves so you give off good vibes on your date. Where ever you are the dating sites have really come a long way, at Merseyside dating they do their very best to find you a date to remember.

Want to get a bit cheeky then subtle underwear photos  are a nice way to show them that yes you are interested in getting to know them even better. You  don’t have to show a lot of body to get the desired response infact the less you show has proved to be far better as it keeps them interested and waiting for more.

Men are beginning to think more about their underwear, thank goodness I hear you say, can you imagine getting a photo of a pair of white y fronts, actually make that off white as they don’t stay white for long. Personally I think you cannot beat a black pair of Calvin Klein short boxers, you could always buy them for him for valentines day, a subtle hint!



I do not think there are many women that do not like flowers so this is a good tried and tested present that ticks all the boxes for a valentine present. I always use Prestige flowers as the good thing with them is that you can be anywhere and still get flowers. It’s really nice to have something to keep from a date, especially if it’s all going well so you could send a silk flower, I really love this idea and you can keep it forever.

Where ever you are on your dating journey, have fun and stay safe.



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