Looking for a life partner can appear so easy for some especially if they meet the right person at the beginning of their journey. It is not like that for everyone though, some say they try too hard and if they were to stop, love would find them! There are no easy answers for finding love and that is why so many people now join a dating site like Nottinghamshire Dating Site these allow you to pick people with the same outlook and goals, so you have something in common straight away. If you really dislike drinking then put that down also if you love going to the cinema once a week then get it in your profile. The more you get down on the forms about your likes and dislikes and what you are looking for then the better your chances are of hitting it off. Make your lists with your friend before you start to fill in online as they know you sometimes better than you know yourself or should I say admit to yourself. Think about your expectations from the date, setting the bar too high may be disappointing but too low and you will end up wishing it wasn’t.

Think about how far you would like them to live from yourself, which could be close in the same town so you have no travelling and you know your way around the area. But then if you live in a small town you might end up seeing them far more often than you visualised. If they live a few miles away you can then set the meetings when you would like them but try to agree on the frequency of dates at the very beginning so you are on the same page.

Many mature singles are happy with once a week or even once a fortnight for their dates as by that time in their life they have family and established work and hobbys filling their time.  Nottinghamshire Dating like many sites have a separate area for the more mature singles and very often it can just be for companionship. Listing you hobby on your profile will encourage singles who have the same hobbys or even jobs, then your over the first hurdle about what to talk about.

Some singles have a brush up on the news and current affairs before their date but I would say, just stick to what you know as that won’t let you down. If you are really nervous and feel that you cannot think of anything to talk about then just play the questions game…..

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • What food is best?
  • Sun or snow?
  • Hot or cold drink?
  • Cats or dogs?
  • Museum or zoo?
  • Art gallery or paintballing?
  • Sunbathing or exploring?
  • Pool or beach?
  • Town or country?

You can make up your own to keep it going and its suprising how much you can find out about the other person, then the conversation will flow about your answers. This takes the pressure off and makes it all fun and enjoyable.

Happy dating guys.


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