Do the same things annoy you or do you find most days there is always something? For me, it’s always the same things and most days I go through life pretty happy.

One of my annoying things is the drivers that just stay in the middle lane, you can go right up to them on the inside and then drop back to overtake them and even pull over into the slow lane in front of them and they are still there poodling along, not even noticing!  Why don’t they like the inside lane, I just don’t get it.

The other thing is the M20 motorway in Kent, I often think that if the MPs had to travel on it every day then something would be done. At the moment they are doing work to the middle barrier but why on earth have they shut it down to two lanes for about ten miles when they are just working on a tiny piece? So the speed limit is down to fifty not that the lorries take any notice of that. Every so often we have to put up with Operation Brock, it has been years since the M20 in Kent has been open properly! We just have to put up with it and the traffic it causes.

I know my final most annoying thing we have to put up with which is, trying to get a doctor’s appointment will resonate with an awful lot of people. Everything was fine before covid so why now can you not get through on the phone? Do they just not want to answer it, we have not had an influx of people, and the doctors have the same receptionist working so why before covid you could ring and get an appt or if they were gone you could ring at twelve and get an appt then. Now you have to ring over 100 times at least until you get through and even if you are answered in the first 15 minutes there are no appointments left for that morning. We used to be able to go to the surgery to get an appt but you cannot do that now as you must sit at home on the phone.  They say we haven’t got enough doctors but they are still building thousands of new homes, where are these people going to find a doctor? Nothing seems to be thought through anymore.

My annoying things are probably felt by many people here in Kent. What are yours and have you got any answers?

Happy Sunday


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  1. Oh, the fragility of humans!!! “Can’t live with them and certainly wouldn’t want to divorce him” 🙂 (Oh, you weren’t speaking about specifics, were you? Hahaha . . .)

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