Are many of your plants flowering really late this year? My Lilys have only just come out that’s the bulbs and the pond, I do love the pink pond ones they really brighten it up as the lily pads almost cover the pond with a sea of green.

Every year I think I have bought a lot of plants but then a good few never grow or die, not sure what I do wrong. I have been trying to grow Lily of the Valley for years as the smell reminds me of my Nan, I have planted them in pots and the ground, nurtured and fed them and they have all died. This year I got a free bundle from someone and just dug a hole down the back put them in and watered them, must admit I do forget to water them sometimes but guess what, they are growing! The tip is don’t nurture or feed them.

I got a new clock and thermometer for my birthday, let’s see how long this one lasts, I have put it under the overhang for the door so it should be protected from the worse weather.

Dalias seem to be very popular this year so I will try them for next year, my climbing rose is not doing very well since I planted it in the ground so I am going to get another one and keep it in a pot then hopefully it will grow over the arch. I didn’t have as many strawberries this year in the raised bed, plus the woodlice got in and ate loads, any ideas on how I can stop that next year?

It is a shame we haven’t had a lot of sunshine so I can sit out in the garden and appreciate them all, I find it amazing that we can see France but none of the hot weather from Europe is coming our way.

Have a great weekend




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