Kids love making up potions and I think we revert back to children when we are older as we blend creams together to get the look! Do any of them actually work? Have you tried something that really made a difference to your skin? Please tell me now before I buy any more and submit my skin to the promises on the bottle and eternal youth.

There are always new creams coming on the market or even just new ones that you are trying for the first time. I was given a couple of these for my birthday and I must admit unless I see something on the Avon book I very rarely buy them for myself. Is it ever too late to start taking care of your skin? I think no matter what age you are, think about what you are or are not putting on your skin as let’s face it you should be using SPF all the time no matter how old you are. I probably use more creams now than I have ever done so constantly look to see if the wrinkles have disappeared or the skin got tighter, especially on my eyelids, I find that really annoying when putting on eyeshadow.


I have been using this Anew dual pot to try to tighten up my eyelids but have to confess the result is very small that no one would notice apart from myself in my 5x with light mirror!



The pink power eye cream has had pretty good reviews but I have not been using it that long to make any difference yet, will let you know if a miracle happens.

The other two I received for my birthday, both night creams with very different textures that make my skin feel nice and soft so I will keep using them, I wish I had taken a before and after photo but I will do that tonight as I am wishing for success.


What do you think?

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