Buying gifts from the internet really gives you a huge choice in price and products so sometimes I see so many things that I never know what to actually buy for people. This year I am getting the first thing that I really like for them as normally that’s the best anyway as I am thinking about that person. I love this gift guide by another blogger as it’s got some more great ideas. I have picked a selection here that I hope you like, I have left the websites on so you can find them yourselves also if I have reviewed the product or read the book click on the picture and it will take you to my thoughts.

I fell in love with this snow globe as I thought it was so appropriate for a writer.

And let’s face it you can never have too many bubbles!


Something for the teenagers. They seem to spend hours doing their hair so thought this was a very good idea. A watch to keep them on time always helps and a necklace in case they have too many bubbles and forget who they are! lol.

Nice jamas for the mums.

My friend bought me this glass the other day as an early present, I love the shape, it’s a bit different and everyone will know it is my glass.

Bed covers for the children, my grandson loves the football one.

Crystals, jewellery, cards, candles, mugs, there is something for everyone here. Available at Magpie Emporium.

A card a day is a great way to start the day.

Books for the adults, a good assortment here, click on them to see my review.


Books for children.


Toys for the toddlers, I love wooden toys as they last for so long and are often passed down through the generations. As it’s Christmas I can share a 15% discount by clicking here. 

Read my review here about the dinosaur car park.

I could go on and on but here is a good selection for everyone, you then have to do the wrapping. Every year I say I am going to wrap as I buy as then it is not such a big job, wonder if I will manage that this year?

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Here are some more ideas at



What do you think?

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